Hello! I am an adult collector of Sylvanian Families living in Spain.  I have been collecting Sylvanian Families for more than 15 years. Nobody at home allows me to buy any  Sylvanian stuff anymore ...

Well sometimes I do secretly...

All pictures are mine.  

I am not good at dioramas, even worst papering a doll house but I am learning now...

The room at home where I have my Sylvanians stored, does not have so much sun light so this is not helping at all to make nice pictures! Should I put my Sylvanians in the middle of the living room? Maybe ...

We will continuously replace old pictures and load

new content so so you will find new things so often.  

Thanks for visiting us and I hope you enjoy as much as I do working

on this site for you!

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sylvanian families copia

Who are the Sylvanian Families?

The Sylvanian Families (シルバニアファミリー Shirubania famirī in Japanese) were designed in 1985 by Epoch, a Japanese Toys Company. They have been in the market for more than 30 years.

It is a wonderful world of cute and little animals. All these little animals have a lot of  houses and endless accessories, so small that it is very easy to lose them.

The first Sylvanian´s dollhouses and play-sets were made in porcelaine and wood.​ Every year Epoch puts into the market new products and limited and/or commemorative editions.

The first country in Europe were Sylvanians were distributed was UK.

In USA and Canada these toys are known as Calico Critters.

Delicious fruits!
-Dad we brig the oars!
-Bye bye mom, we´ll be back soon
The little ducks are so hungry!
Today we´ll dinner fish and fries!
School days in Sylvanian

We go to MacSylvanian´s auto for dinner

​I´m loving it!

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