My Buildings
1.The Grand Mansion
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UK, 2002


As far as I know the house comes in two colors, one with green roof as the mine one, and the other one with blue one.

Figures and furniture where not included but it came with milk bottles and door mat.

I got second hand on ebay. The house has  small damages but good in general.

I love it! I got crazy when I received it so I placed it on the middle of my office.


I work from home something that now it is very common with the covid-19 . But not long time ago working from home was not nice "business card" to meet new clients.

Happy to have it, but ohh my God, it is so difficult to make pictures of such a tall building. That's way for the picture below I just used one of the three floors of the Gran Mansion.

The mirror on the back (heritage), it's my best precious treasure at home with all my Sylvanians and of course my beloved Bubu.


Bubu always the first. Love him to pieces !!!! Well my family and friends too :)


Bubu on the beach after lunch with me and friends (Tarifa, Cádiz, Spain, Summer 2020).

He looks quite relax,  don t you think so? :)

If you do not know Tarifa, you should visit it, wild beaches are amazing,  people and food even more and the most worldwide  friendly atmosphere. It is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Spain.


 2. The HighFields Farm

Released into the UK  by Flair in 2011 

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3. The old mill

Released into the UK  by Flair in 2000

nolas 17_ copia.png
4. Angelina Ballerina Theater

UK, 2005. Distributed by Flair the same company that at that time distributed Sylvanian Families in Europe. It is not a Sylvanian but looks quite alike so I could not resist to add to my collection

Carry case opens up to reveal theatre and two boxes for the audience

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