Guinness record 2018 for the biggest Sylvanian Families collector

A dance school owner has spent £250,000 on Sylvanian Families toys

Dance school owner Jacc Batch, 32, now has a collection of over 9,000 items and spends £300-a-week on everything from toy figures to magazines, and has even moved to a bigger house just because he needed extra space for the toys. He spent a staggering £15,000 on his most treasured item, a carousel, after he first saw the item in a catalogue as a young boy. Told it was never put into production, the prototype in an ex-toy designer’s loft just a few miles away could be resisted. Jacc, of Kettering, Northants, who began collecting at seven, said: ‘I love toys, especially from the 1980s. ‘I choose to spend my money on them because I can afford it. I don’t go without. I own my own business, drive a nice car, have a lovely home.

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